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Attack on titan dating game (Not really a game-ish idk) who would you choose to be with you Link

I want a game like this in English :( Kind of having an otome game obsession right now. Kind of embarrassing but not that much because they’re so entertaining. Though I’d prefer the original characters over the gender flipped/bent/etc female characters. Not gonna lie though the male Annie, Mikasa, Ymir, and Sasha are HOT!

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☞ WINNERS of Sheinside Tumblr Free Clothes GIVEAWAY! 

It’s time to announce the winners who can get both the fantastic sweater and skirt FOR FREE!!

Here are the 3 lucky stars:

minxriot         ——sweater13092203;skirt131219002

elli-elina        ——sweater13092203;skirt131219002

warmzone     ——sweater13092203;skirt131219002


Congratulations! Please contact to get your gifts!

We’ll continue to have giveaways like this, join us actively and you’ll be the next lucky one!

More details:

Yey! I’m so happy! Thanks a lot She Inside! :D


           Win Free Clothes  

Warm color, polka dots galore and organza skirt to covet. Need them for the weekend? Now you can get them free of charge!

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  3. 3 lucky girls will win the fantastic suit (sweater and skirt) respectively
  4. It will last from Feb 26 to Mar 3

You’d be crazy to miss out!
If you die for the suit, get your paws here:



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