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That’s right everyone! Want a chance to win a -free- limited edition Taro ‘flavored’ Meowchi? Here it is! Please read below for entry rules for this contest~

#1. Follow Tasty Peach Studios on tumblr!
#2. Like this specific post! This post will be the one I look at to generate the winner’s number :) 
#3. Reblog this post!
It counts as an extra entry!

Contest ends June 25th 2014 at 12am EST! I will announce the winner on our tumblr page within 72 hours of the contest ending. Prize will be shipped out when the plush arrives and pre-orders start shipping out. ( approx 2-3 weeks )

*Winner will have 48 hours to respond with the needed information. If the winner is unable to respond, another winner shall be chosen.

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On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

This was just wrong. - _ - I feel like parents and teachers don’t teach kids respect anymore. I know if I pulled that kind of stunt (hurting and destroying someone elses property I mean of course) back when I was in school I would have been expelled and my family would have kicked my ass as well.

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I couldn’t decide between drawing Sailor Moon or Attack on Titan tonight… so I just drew both at the same time :B 

Mechanical pencil, white prismacolor color pencil, and brown colerase on brown craft paper. Felt like trying out something a lil’ different~

If you’re wondering why Usagi is not in there… well, DUH. She’d kill herself with Maneuver Gear. It would be totally irresponsible for me to draw such a thing. lol.

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